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07/03/2015 08:30 AM
Four Palestinians killed in West Bank crash
Six others hurt after truck and two private vehicles collide on Route 60.

07/03/2015 03:07 AM
Bennett after commander shoots stone-thrower: Stones kill, just ask Adele Biton
Shaked announced last month that she would be aggressively pushing forward with legislation to increase the penalties for persons throwing rocks.

07/02/2015 11:25 PM
IDF source: Commander shoots Palestinian dead after vehicle ambushed
Incident comes at a time of heightened security in West Bank.

07/02/2015 10:27 PM
Nazareth man indicted for attack at Histadrut building
Police believe there also were attempts to torch the building, but those alleged instances are not included in the indictment.

07/03/2015 03:54 PM
Clinton to Jewish donors: "I will be a better president to Israel than Obama"
Over 20 prominent Jewish donors were present at Clinton's Manhattan meeting last weekend.