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01/31/2015 09:36 PM
Dermer: PM’s speech Boehner’s initiative
Boehner’s office “initially reached out to me regarding the idea of the prime minister giving a speech less than two weeks before an official invitation was sent.”

01/31/2015 05:50 PM
Haifa in dire straits after Mac PT defeat
Matters keep going from bad to worse for Greens; Beersheba remains in touch at the top with Acre win

01/31/2015 05:29 PM
Israman an inspirational experience for all involved
More than 1,600 participants power through the tremendous challenge of completing an event that, for most people, would be classified as impossible

01/31/2015 02:53 PM
Health Scan: Genetic mutation affects ovaries
The idea for the study surfaced when Dr. de Vries was asked to treat two POI patients, daughters of two sets of Israeli-Arab parents who were related to each other.

01/31/2015 02:45 PM
New Worlds: Complex metal pieces ‘printed’ at Technion
Three-dimensional printing, called stratification by professionals in the field, is often called the “Third Industrial Revolution.”